A feel good song by very awesome people. I keep playing this song only for one week already. Crazyy goooodd.


There are those days where all I want to do is sleep and eat. The most activity I do is walk over to the bathroom and finally take a shower.

Well those days are beginning to end for me.

I am now ready to move, ready to jump, and ready to travel!

In August, I will be heading to New York City to take Master’s degree. I am half excited, half nervous. I hear these rumours that the New York City people are very forward and expressive to the point that they easily (without feeling bad) that you suck and they don’t like you.

But despite all the negative aura I am receiving from some people, I am looking forward to finally studying again. It has been awhile since I read a book of substance. All I read these days are comic books or gossips on Kpop. My brain has been dumbed down.

I am a little bit intimidated knowing that most people will be very intelligent having read significant books and having done work that contribute to world peace and prosperity. But I am confident that I can put something new to the table.

I am also looking forward to travelling to the Americas. I have never been to that region, except for a week travel to Mexico (which I absolutely loved!). It is a huge area so travelling just inside of the US will take sometime. My plan is to travel to some of the iconic cities in the US while I am studying there. One city in my mind is New Orleans, just because I want to try the food and Ellen deGeneres is from there 🙂

With all these new challenges ahead of me, I pray to God that I can work through it with confidence and strength, make everybody proud and at the same time, enjoy my study and make the most in travelling.



Summer Films to Look Forward To

Summer brings us sunshine, ice cream, beach, and most importantly for moviegoers like me, amazing films. Knowing that most people are out on summer break, Hollywood and other film enterprise across the globe, makes the most out of this. They put out the best of the best in terms of big budget movies or most ambitious films during this season. Of course they would do this. People got nothing to do and watching a movie is always among the top options to do.

BBC Culture came up with this list of summer films to look forward to in July 2014. I personally would like to see Boyhood, a film about growing up, shot in the span of 12 years to show actual growth and change by preserving the same actors. This is dedication. One of the actors is Ethan Hawke, already known for his liking to this type of movies (watch Before Sunset and its sequels). 

So let’s prepare the couch, the popcorns and lots of soda!!!

I have been sick for the past two weeks.

It’s only coughing and a little bit of flu but sure does bother me and people around me. My uncle who is a doctor said that this is only because high level of activity and the only cure is to rest. Well, the reason I cannot rest is because I have high level of activity so there, what a vicious cycle.

Yesterday I took a day off from work. After two weeks of bothering people at the office with my incessant coughing (even my boss said “stay away from me, I have to be healthy to work”), I finally decided it is time to call on sick.

So, what did I do yesterday while I took my day off? This is my guide on how to be sick.

First, have your internet speed at full capacity for optimum browsing and streaming on your new Macbook Air. You do not need to rest your eyes. That is false and I am sure it is part of government propaganda. What you need is to ensure that your entertainment needs which have been lacking due to overworking, are fulfilled at this one time occasion.

Second, cook and eat all instant food available at home. Contrary to popular belief that you have to eat healthy food such as porridge or raw eggs, in fact instant food does the best for your sickly stomach. I recommend instant noodles with a touch of habanero sauce. Boy, you’ll be a sweatin’! This sweat is what old time people say getting the bad juice out of your system. Next time on my blog I will post how to make the best instant noodles.

Finally, do not take any medication. Drugs is the road to addiction of all kinds. Drugs is bad for your liver. Drugs is yucky poopy and smells bad. One thing I do agree about drugs is that it makes you sleepy thus you can sleep properly. But this defies the previous two points on how to be sick so ultimately I do not recommend it. What you need is a mantra to yourself saying I’ll be healthy and I am healthy. Psychological health is the key I say. Thinking you are healthy makes you healthy. Go Doctor Clown!!!

So, that is my ultimate guide on how to be sick. I do not take any credit nor any responsibility for people following this guide. If you think it works, then it works!



(still sick but back to work)


Yesterday, on one of those dull days at the office when the only activity and sound is the office AC humming, I was on Youtube. I didn’t know what to search until I stumbled upon this video of a teen duo performing at the Britain’s Got Talent Show 2014.

In a few minutes, my tears were the loudest sound around.

Bars and Melody is a teen duo consisting of a 13 year old rapper named Leondre and a 15 year old singer named Charlie. Leondre is the talented rapper who writes from his experience, his pain, his sadness and joy, a writing that comes from the heart. Charlie complements this with a soulful voice that emphasize the feeling coming from Leondre’s rap. An amazing combination.

At their Golder Buzzer act during the audition (an act where the judges would press their golden buzzer for the act and thus shooting the act straight to the semifinal round), these two boys sang a rendition of Twista’s song entitled Hopeful. Leondre rewrote the rap part and rapped about his experience as a bully victim, sang about Mr. Bully what did I do wrong and how his mom asked why he is so alone. He said after so many times of being bullied, Leondre started writing poems expressing how he feel and soon enough the beat just came through and a rap song was made to touch millions of people.

I, too was touched and I felt every single word.

I was bullied in school. In primary school, I cried every day and my teachers didn’t help. They told me I shouldn’t tell my parents I was bullied because it would be bad for the school. Me being a 10 year old kid who was quiet and followed orders, I just said yes and kept it all to myself.

At this period, I also found how writing helped me to overcome my stress and depression. I had a mini diary, it was so small in size that for every two sentences I had to change pages. I wrote in English because I didn’t want my friends to find it and figure out my diary. A few years back when I re-read the pages, the English was all over the place but I felt what this little girl was feeling.

To this day, I still feel how being bullied affected me. I still get sweaty hands when I try to express my opinion in public, I still have a fear of men (although now I am lucky to have found the most beautiful and loving husband), and I still run in fear when people hurt my feeling. But I know I am better now. The reason being is that like Leondre, I wrote what I feel. I expressed myself in writing. I pour everything out when I am sad or happy.

Writing is cathartic for Leondre, it is cathartic too for me.


7 Minutes Exercise

Must lose unhealthy fat!!!

I finally had the chance to watch the super-hyped Iron Man 3. I know it’s months ago. But I wanted to watch it anyway.

So what are my thoughts about it?

First of all, the effects of watching a movie in the cinema certainly adds to the charm of Iron Man 3. The wide screen, the digital dolby surround sound and just the whole atmosphere of anticipating crowd transports you back into the superhero loving kid. I know it would be fun watching it in the cinema.

But as I did not have that luxury, I had to watch it in my 11 inch laptop screen and with only two mini sized speakers. Whaddaya say.

As a movie, I thought that Iron Man 3 was forgettable. Less in 24 hours, I don’t remember the details of what happened and only remembered that someone tried to kill Stark and then he disappeared for a bit and returned with a vengeance.

So, my score for this movie? As an entertainment 5 out of 5 but as movie in general, 3 out of 5.