7 Minutes Exercise

Must lose unhealthy fat!!!

I finally had the chance to watch the super-hyped Iron Man 3. I know it’s months ago. But I wanted to watch it anyway.

So what are my thoughts about it?

First of all, the effects of watching a movie in the cinema certainly adds to the charm of Iron Man 3. The wide screen, the digital dolby surround sound and just the whole atmosphere of anticipating crowd transports you back into the superhero loving kid. I know it would be fun watching it in the cinema.

But as I did not have that luxury, I had to watch it in my 11 inch laptop screen and with only two mini sized speakers. Whaddaya say.

As a movie, I thought that Iron Man 3 was forgettable. Less in 24 hours, I don’t remember the details of what happened and only remembered that someone tried to kill Stark and then he disappeared for a bit and returned with a vengeance.

So, my score for this movie? As an entertainment 5 out of 5 but as movie in general, 3 out of 5.

Dad and Son

One of the best moment in the world is seeing a dad and his son bond. Especially rocking it Tony Hawk style.. Flip it kiddo!

Dear readers,

After almost a year, I am back.

What happened you may ask?

Well, life happened, in its most twisted flavour, like a lemon twist in a gin martini.

I was busy with work, health and love. Three combinations that break your heart physically, mentally and spiritually.

I will post a writing to make up these lost month.



A favourite singer of mine once said that he always lives his life as if he is in love.

When you past the age where you receive comfort and safety of home, living in a big city with new people and expectations held upon you, you finally feel the complete loneliness.

Yesterday, I went through some minor breakdown. I’m so confined on my work desk even often having lunch on my desk that when I wanted to eat out, I had no company.

You feel that emptiness and say to yourself “what happened to me?”. Friends of high school and college are gone busy with their own problems. (At the same time, I wonder if they think and feel the same way as I do).

So, lately I have been trying to get to know myself.

I got a guitar (someone special bought it for me). Finding the tune to a song, playing a favourite song, and singing along to it. I didn’t realize that the simple act of playing my guitar and playing songs I like would make me happy that much.

I love my guitar and my music.

I have also been taking care of my body. I used to didn’t care much about it and as a result I would easily get sick, even hospitalized, I was under weight and had many headaches every day. Now, I try to sleep properly, wake up early and drink green tea every day. In fact I also began to care about my make up products. Going online buying make up is something I recently discovered as an uplifting experience. To see yourself clean in the mirror gives positive energy every morning.

I love my body.

People around me also gives me support. I have my mom, dad, and brother that calls me every week, and just listening to them talking about their day makes me believe that at the end of the day, whatever happens, I will always have that comfort and safety at home.

I love my family.

Also, my biggest shout out is to my closest human beings. I have my best friends who are always with me in spirit and keep me laughing and grounded.

Finally, I have my frownee, you give me the reason to live my life like I am in love, which I am.

Take note of every little positive things in your life every day, and you will realize that your life is full of love and you will be living your life as if you are in love every day.

“to think is to revolt, to be in the movement of meaning and not in the movement of the streets”
(Kristeva, “Revolt She Said”, 2002, 39)

17.27 pm, still at the office, working but now too exhausted and have decided to write for the blog.

Jakarta is raining heavy this afternoon. From the looks of if (5th floor view to the center of Jakarta) traffic jam is colouring the streets of Jakarta. I had wanted to go out tonight to go buy some books for me to read but I don’t know about it know. Travel to GI (the nearest mall from the office, I think) which would usually only take 15-20 minutes would probably last for almost about an hour. I don’t think it is worth it. But I want to buy a booookk.. Oh such a dilemma.

Anyway, today was a bit up and down. Work was constant but I am having strange occurrences of nauseating headaches, which I know is partly my own fault.

So yesterday, after work I decided to go to the salon for a hair spa. My hair is turning into the mane of a lion (which is ironic considering the name of this blog) so it is not flattering at all. Hence, I decided to go to the salon near my house.

Came there. Was amazed at how cheap it was. 45.000 rupiah for a hair spa. That’s like only 5 US dollars. And it was amaaaazziinggg. My hair was cleaned thoroughly and I got a full blown message to the head and my shoulders.

Now problem is when they began to massage my shoulder, it was slightly a bit too hard. However, the guy that was doing my hair looked so earnest and he was really putting a lot of effort into it. So I bared with it and thought “well, it might be good this way instead of a just a slight touch that wouldn’t have any effect”. Well, guess what Willa, you really got some effect. Painful shoulders in the morning with fainting symptoms during the day. Terrible.

Moral of the day: If you can’t stand the heat, just walk away, no need to be ashamed. If you keep it going, you will have painful shoulders. Hehe.


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